Spring Break is Gone

Although I did do things, there wasn't anything exciting or profound that happened. If anything, I feel more terrible and miserable coming out of it. I'm pretty much the same as I am in class, aside from being more open with certain friends. I'm not very outgoing and tend to stay within myself when I don't have to interact socially. Being around others can make me uncomfortable. I treasure my alone time greatly even if people say it's unhealthy or dangerous. I do like seeing the dynamics of the relationship with my roommates, their relationship with each other, and the connections of friends we all have and how that changes when we're forced into a situation. We had a bonfire on Friday and also went out to the movies the weekend before. When certain people are present or not present, the difference when talking to others is tremendous and the tension or atmosphere is completely different. What's even more interesting is what happens when it's only all the roommates together. The topic of interests are diverse and of another variety altogether than conversations with other people. Even the jokes and what we show or tell each other is far from the same a majority of the time. Speaking to my closest friends online also brings about a different feeling and level of trust than when I'm speaking to friends I've known for a few years in person.


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