Simple and Clean

I thought this time around, I'd just take a few moments to say a few things about two artists I've found that I adore.

Kunie Kanbara is a japanese artist that I found while looking for a japanese band that I like called The Indigo. She had designed a handful of their album covers (the image is one of the band's covers) and I found her style and simplicity really interesting. Her images are more graphic and very clean in terms of form. There's no rendering, only the use of bright, shape-oriented color to give life to her figures and beings. Despite what others might say, I think her work is great and very lively. They have sentiment in them.

The second artist I'd like to bring attention to is a korean illustrator named Kim Min Ji. I was looking at icons/avatars on a site and someone had made a few from images by this artist. It took me a long time to find the name of this person because there weren't any reliable credits to the icons/avatars. Luckily, I found their site through a lot of searching. They mostly do illustrations for children's books it seems. I really like their style and how they use the medium. I want to strive for a style similar to theirs.

Since both aren't very well known, it's hard finding images of their work aside from their site and what others have already blogged or posted. I hope to see more of their work in the future and that they are doing well.


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