Homesick Rambles

I know some people prefer the heated rays of the sun and the wet, silky cling of the humid air of Florida. It could be seen as a plus for attending a college down south. It's such wonderful weather. Well, I kind of despise it. I miss the seasons, especially autumn and winter. There's something about the dry crisp of cold air and the scent of dew and wood wafting with it that makes one feel refreshed. Nothing beats a cold downpour. Every time I go outside to attend classes or hang out with friends, I have the most fun and am the most energetic when it's cold. Seeing the same trees that rarely change shape or color and feeling the humidity cling to my skin makes me feel nauseous and bored. I end up getting more headaches and the heat becomes unbearable. It might sound wrong, but being able to view the death of plants and their eventual rebirth in the spring is wonderful. You end up anticipating the time when new buds blossom after they fall off during autumn, aging quite rapidly. The extremity of seasons gives me inspiration. I think I've lost some of that awe since coming down here, this place seeming really stagnant to me. There are things I like about Florida, but it won't take away the memories of being up north. Even when the snow is piled up to your head and it's dangerous to even step outside, I still love it. It feels like you're living at that moment when the wind rushes past you, stinging your ears. Ruby red noses, chapped lips, and blushing cheeks. The warmth beneath all the cold from scarves, boots, and heavy jackets lingering on your body. I love it when your breath puffs out into little bursts as you talk or breathe. I think I'd rather fall asleep from the sound and the feel of ice cold rain. Being sick during cold weather is more nostalgic for me. The reminder of summer saddens me for its weather rather than the events that happen during that time.

During late elementary and the rest of middle school, I'd walk to school alone from my house early in the mornings. My older sister used to walk with me to and from school until she graduated to high school. One morning was especially chilly with the sky overcast in muddled grays, the sun and shadows nowhere in sight. I remember looking up at a flagpole I saw that was in someone's yard, seeing it wave languidly. It made me smile for some reason despite the whole situation being rather sad and gloomy. There I was, alone, walking ridiculously early in the morning to school in such cold and dark weather. It was incredibly quiet as well, only the clink of the metal against metal of the flagpole making any nearby sounds with an occasional whoosh of the wind. I'm not sure of the reason, but I smiled regardless of how lonely I should have been feeling. Even when I reached school, no one was there yet. I really do miss episodes such as these, no matter how dull they are.


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