I actually had to think on this a bit before coming up with anything. It was hard trying to pick one thing or even something that really inspires me, something that never lets me down when I need or want it. A person doesn't quite fit that description, so I chose to talk about music. If there's something that's always attached to me, it's music. Music is also the real universal language and I think a lot of people are inspired by it. It speaks out to everyone in many different forms and you don't always have to analyze or get it to enjoy it. There are times where I prefer silence, but those times are usually after long, intensive periods of singing or listening to something. I love the diversity of it and the collaboration of sounds in order to create a cohesive whole. I know there are a lot of people out there who can't listen to sung languages that they don't understand, but that's the beauty of music. Sometimes you don't really need to understand it. You feel it instead by how the song is sung and by the emotion running in the dynamics and the voice. There are also many instances where words and voices are not needed. Classical and instrumental music lends itself to the ears without the accompaniment of words. Singing also makes me feel better when I'm down. I usually shut myself in my room to sing so no one else can hear me, but it's what I go to when I'm stressed, angered, or feeling depressed. It really does soothe my mind, even if I am annoying my roommates with a terrible singing voice. Another part of admiring music is admiring the artist, the musician and creator behind it all. Their craft is very similar and just as complex as any visual artist's work. To create sound to harmonize in many different and new ways is amazing.

Sorry, no visuals. Only sound.


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