Nihon, Ganbatte!

It's really an awesome thing when people get together or give back when others are in need. I've been following some of the news and reading online articles about the disasters in Japan. It's great to see the relief organizations go straight to work and to see many celebrities, from Japan and from all over the world, lending their powers and ability to help those in need. Aside from donations, songs are created (Yoko Kanno), bracelets are made (Lady Gaga) and t-shirts are designed (Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park) all for the sake of those caught up in a terrible natural situation. Many celebrities, singers and actors alike, have pooled and donated their money to relief organizations. Concerts were also scheduled for the same reason. It'd be even greater if those who aren't celebrities could help out a little just for the sake of it. We should be there for each other. For all of those in turmoil because of these recent disasters, be strong! There are people here for you and everyone's hoping for your safety and rebuilt future. Fight-o!


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