Ticking Time Bomb

I wish we wouldn't change drastically as people when we age. I don't mean from experiences, but from physical and mental illnesses or limitations that affect the body. It really changes a person and who they are as well as eat at their morale. I don't mind getting older, but I'd like to stop at a point where my personality doesn't harass others and when I can't control myself or my thoughts. I think we are naive when we're younger, attain a certain credential of knowledge and experience, and then become ultimately vulnerable as we age in body, mind and spirit no matter how much we exercise ourselves to be otherwise. Drive and motivation can go two ways when you get to those years: they falter or become strong in the actions we take and in the dreams we want to achieve so late in life. For anyone to live so long, it could be a curse or a miracle depending on the individual.

I'm just glad I get the chance to see how far I can go with this thing called life.


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