Then and Now

I suck at blogging. Straight out suck. I'm terrible at it because I'm never really sure what to say, I'm extremely bad at keeping up with the posts, and I'm not really interesting enough to garner an audience. Who actually read the things I post and actually give a damn about them? Pft, no one. Since the growing age of technology and computers, I've had many journal accounts and even real journals that never really went anywhere. Surprisingly enough, if the site itself didn't close down, my account would still be there, festering like mold on ages-old food left to sit in the sun because I was too lazy to close the account. Looking back at a few of them, I wonder why I even bothered and realized how much of a kid I was and how much of a kid I still am. Even if no one reads them, I guess they're there more for personal reflection than anything (although that could be my antisocial, hide-in-the-corner-of-your-dark-dark-room side talking). It's talking to yourself without the awkward action of really talking to yourself, especially if no one comments or responds. I'm sure many people have started these, but have never gone anywhere with them. Makes you wonder how many accounts have been made, closed, remade, and left to brew among all of those that have been remotely successful.

If it makes you happy and it harms no one, I guess it's fine to keep going with it even if no one else bothers but yourself.


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